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About Cady Ness-Smith​

Cady Ness-Smith is a registered nurse, farmer, animal rescue advocate, community leader, disability benefits advocate, and wife. Cady has called the 77 th district home for the past 37 years. Born and raised in the upper portion of the mitten, she is a graduate of Frankfort High School, Lansing Community College and University of Michigan. As a healthcare professional and advocate, Cady has dedicated her life to the care and advocacy of individuals with catastrophic injuries. Cady’s background is in critical care nursing, homecare, hospice, healthcare management, clinical education, and medical sales / marketing. 

In addition, she has worked tirelessly in equine rescue and rehabilitation efforts and volunteer work in training, evaluation, and handling of therapy dogs for medical facilities, schools, libraries, rehabilitation centers, hospice, In-patient psychiatric facilities, and college campuses. Cady is a Christian that believes that parents have fundamental rights in choosing their children’s educational options and curriculum. Cady has served on the boards of many statewide organizations and served as founding President of Michigan Equine Partnership. Cady serves as a representative on Farm Bureau’s Equine Advisory Committee. Cady has participated in many events at the Michigan Capitol representing the agricultural industry. Cady has testified and attended many hearings related to House Bills that impact people in our district. Cady currently serves as a precinct delegate for Eagle Township. Cady has been a staunch advocate against proposed wind and solar facilities, and megasite factory developments of farm land. Instead, Cady proposes rehabilitation and utilization of abandoned brown sites left behind by former factory locations. Cady is not opposed to wind and solar projects, just those that destroy viable agricultural land. Cady loves the economic diversity of the 77 th district and blend of agricultural, industrial, large and small business, and educational opportunities within the area. Cady is a strong supporter of those that actively serve in the military, and of veterans and law enforcement. Cady comes from a family with a long history of serving in the military and was trained to provide services for active military personal and their families. Cady is a strong supporter of legal immigration, but opposes illegal immigration and sanctuary cities in Michigan. Cady believes that no one should face discrimination in housing, educational, or employment opportunities. Cady has championed and voted for the right of everyone to have the right to be legally married in Michigan. Cady is pro-family, pro-life, and a constitutional conservative. Cady has been married to her husband, Scott, for 38 years and resides on their farm in Eagle Township.

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